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Down to nuts and bolts it’s a three-sensor wearable system, two tags on your skis, one on your chest, which measures all there is to measure in a sport — acceleration, velocity, angles, transition times, dynamic body position and more scientific blah blah — then delivers it to your smartphone so that you get feedback, guidance, community and all the other goodies.

The hocus-pocus–big-data–machine-learning stuff FINALLY does something useful.


We are skiers. We love the fresh pow and we know tech.

Our mission is to start the smart skiing movement. We believe in the relentless progress, conquering steep slopes and learning curves and fast turns.


We first presented The Snowcookie to the world at the  Intel Make It Wearable Challenge. We’ve beaten 2000+ other teams.  That was awesome.

Since the, we’ve worked with Intel engineers and started using the latest, super energy efficient silicon from them. Snowcookie is now smart. Way smarter than your old skis.

Last year we won the Alpine Challenge and were recognised as the TOP1% startup among the Pioneers Festival contending startups (the whole 1600+ of them…)



We want to transform the way the world enjoys winter sports. We’re building an award winning system that adds a new dimension to our favourite winter pastime. You will acquire new skills much faster because you’ll get feedback so much quicker. You’ll know what gear best suits your skiing style, you’ll earn bragging rights and have hell of a fun doing that. The era of smart, connected skiing has arrived.

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Our Partners

We are always open to new ideas and opportunities. If you think we can work together to revolutionize the ski world then simply drop us an email.

Let me know when I can get one

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