Snowcookie is a startup born from love of skiing. Our goal is deceptively and dauntingly simple – make skiing more fun. Use the latest silicon around to make this divine sport more engaging, safer, easier to learn, and up to date in the digital age — that is connected.
Down to nuts and bolts it’s a three-sensor wearable system, that you attach to your skis and body, which measures all there is to measure in a sport, and delivers it to your smartphone for you to get feedback, guidance, community and all the other goodies.
If truth be told we are a bunch of eager misfits, that just couldn’t stick in their safe and logical career choices — some derailed artists, barristers, medical doctors and alike — that teamed to have some fun, building something with fun in mind.
Misfit or not, if you love snow and are up to building something cool — welcome to the family.
Your quest, should you choose to accept will be to discover what  can be measured or extracted from measurements using wearable and mobile sensors in snow and action sports in short – WE WANT YOU TO DIGITIZE SKIING.
 You will be responsible for creating new ideas and nurturing them until they became a product.  You will help dream and build new hardware, perform analysis to determine what is interesting and useful in sensor data, design experiments to collect that data, and design extremely robust but lightweight algorithms that will run on mobile hardware. You will perform a lot of research and experiments and hands-on work on in the lab on the slopes. This means you’ll get to ski with us and some of the best ski teams in the world.



M.Sc or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Applied Physics, Mathematics or a related field, or equivalent experience



Previous research expertise in at least somes of the areas:
– Experience with experimental design and human data collection.
– Familiarity with prototyping devices and algorithms.



3 or more years of work experience preferred



Experience with programming and scientific computation (Matlab, Python, and/or other C/C++ languages). Numerical programming on embedded targets a big plus.



Motivated, independent, efficient and able to handle several projects



Friendly, articulate, and interested in working in a fun, small team environment



Sensor fusion – reconstructing motion from multiple GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, altimeter systems



Hardware and sensor design. For example, prototyping new sensors and development platforms to find novel and interesting pieces of information for our users



Time-domain and frequency domain discrete-time signal processing algorithms



Parameter estimation and tracking algorithms such as HMM, Kalman Filter, etc.



Knowledge of human physiology



Biometric identification or quantification technologies